CV. Margono~Surya and Partners Law Firm

On June 9th 2008 in Jakarta, Mr. Margono and Mr. Surya established Margono~Surya and Partners Law Firm (abbreviated to MSP). The reason why they started MSP is because they want to contribute to their country, the beloved Republic of Indonesia. Their goal is to make a contribution to their home country, particularly to present their thoughts and efforts in important field such as, law. In addition to make a contribution, they are eager to assist both fellow-countryman and foreigner to understand Indonesia’s web of regulations. Because many regulations either conflicting with the constitution or vague, and these had caused much confusion. Accordingly, MSP was established so that it can contributes and take a part in Indonesia’s success story and assists those who want to get a better understanding of Indonesia’s law.

“Chivalry and Trustworthy” is the official motto of MSP and it reflects the principles on which the Firm was created.”Chivalry” is associated with mannerly virtues which all members of the Firm are expected to have responsibility, integrity, and honour. Therefore, the Firm in every possible way shall always provide professional legal assistance to clients. “Trustworthy” is associated with good character. For that reason, the members are expected to be sincere and reliable. In other words, the Firm is avoiding double standards being used and acting in any way as a problem solver. In brief, we know not what principles or course others possibly had practiced; but as for MSP, these principles were and are always be the core value and guidelines of the Firm.

The meaning of Margono~Surya (in Jawi Kuna/Old Java words) is “A path to the Sun”. This is also one of the reasons why the Firm is expected to give a positive influence on society and work on cases with professional manner.

MSP possess a wide range of legal knowledge not only law as mention on papers but on it daily practices also. MSP fully aware that legal services performed are essential for client. MSP successfully achieved and maintain its objective by become more transparent, independent and accountable in carry out its legal performance. These legal services which MSP provided, also serve to refresh the society and to reshape their perspective about how corrupt and terrible the enforcement of laws in Indonesia.

By that above mentioned facts and reasons, MSP offers legal advice to limited liability companies, foundations, financing institution, retail chains, etc. We have a simple rule. Not on our needs, but on client needs. It takes all of our professional effort to ensure that our client shall obtain the best solution for their case.

MSP covers a wide variety of law fields, such as, Companies Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, Insurance Law, Islamic Finance/Sharia Law, Land Law, Manpower Law, Mining Law, Tort Law, and Penal Law.


Apartemen Citylofts, unit 720 Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur No. 121 RT. 013/ RW. 011, Kel. Karet Tengsin Kec. Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat - 10220 Jakarta Pusat 10220
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia